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Full nameMon-El

AliasMike Matthews

AffiliationCatCo Worldwide Media (formerly)
Alien Bar

OccupationPalace guard (formerly)
Intern at CatCo (formerly)


Portrayed byChris Wood

Mon-El (also known as Mike Matthews) is a Daxamite, hailing from a planet called Daxam who crash-landed on Earth.


Daxam's demiseEdit

Mon-El worked as a palace guard for the royal family of Daxam. The day Krypton was destroyed, its debris showered on to the sister planet, causing multiple casualties. Mon-El tried bringing the prince to safety when they spotted a functional Kryptonian pod. Mon-El instantly decided to send the prince away, but the prince locked him in the pod instead and sent him away.[1]

Landing on EarthEdit

The pod travelled passing the Well of Stars, before eventually finding its way to Earth[2] where it crash-landed.[3] Supergirl quickly discovered the pod, and she and J'onn J'onzz took the man to the D.E.O. for tests. However, they discovered that he had skin that could not be penetrated by a needle and so the man remained comatose.[2]

Comatose alien

Mon-El in a comatose state at the D.E.O.

Escape from the D.E.O. Edit

He eventually came to and escaped into the city, and found his way to a station in hopes of sending a signal to his planet. The signal was detected by Winn and Supergirl, upon finding out he was from Daxam and fearing that he was behind the attack on President Marsdin. Supergirl apprehended Mon-El at the Mount Pride Observatory and temporarily incapacitated him. The next day, she apologized for her prejudice after realizing Mon-El wasn't behind the assault. She told him that Daxam had become a wasteland, as a result of the planet's moon being struck by Krypton's debris that disrupted Daxam's gravitational force. He then realized his only option was to remain on Earth.[4]

Adjustment to living on EarthEdit

Soon after, Kara decided to help Mon-El get a false identity as "Mike", and a job at CatCo. While Kara tried to coach him in human customs and work ethics, he resisted the boring lifestyle of a desk job, refusing to do any work and engaging in office sex with Eve Teschmacher. Eventually he was fired from CatCo.

Mon-El found new work as a loan enforcer, to which Kara is oblivious. Eventually however she caught him attacking an alien for his employers. In the heated conversation that followed, she told him she was disappointed and that he was no hero, and in turn he told her she was not really altruistic, but rather an attention seeker. The exchange left both disheartened.[5]

Path to HeroismEdit

Soon after, Kara was seriously injured after a battle with Parasite. After seeing her unconscious and still thinking about what was said during their conversation, he became overcome by guilt and left. Mon-El was found by Alex drinking alone at the underground alien bar. Alex appeared to belittle Mon-El and saying that she believed he was a coward, but reminded him that Kara, who constantly put herself in danger and was hurt by Parasite, sincerely believed otherwise. Moved by this, Mon-El took off alone to battle Parasite, however he was no match for the rampaging monster. In the midst of the destruction however, Mon-El performed his first heroic deed by saving a by-standing child. With the help of Guardian and a recovered Supergirl, they managed to defeat the threat. Seeing Mon-El redeem himself, Kara thanked him, while also noting Guardian's contribution.[5]

That night, Mon-El wandered the streets looking for people to help. Approaching what appears to be a sick homeless man, he was instead subdued by the Cadmus agent in disguise. He was transported to a Cadmus facility, where Supergirl was baited to rescue him. After threatening to kill him with lead, Lillian Luthor succeeded in forcing Supergirl to overload her powers, despite his pleas for Kara not to do it. Cadmus then proceeded to obtain Supergirl's blood for the purpose of obtaining information on "Medusa". Left in the cell, Mon-El and Kara bonded and discussed their fears, and what happens if they do not live through this ordeal. Fortunately they were rescued by Jeremiah Danvers, who had access to Cadmus IDs, and chose to remain behind for unknown reasons.

Kara, Mon-El and friends celebrated their return in Kara's apartment. She told Mon-El he was brave throughout the ordeal. He replied any courage he had, he learnt from her. During this time Mon-El began developing a romantic interest on Kara, asking Winn and James if she was "mated to anyone". James replies that Kara hasn't mated with someone yet.[6]

After a rough fight with Hank Henshaw outside the Alien Bar, Mon-El contracted the Medusa Virus, which was deadly to all alien species except for humans and Kryptonians. Mon-El was then quarantined at the DEO, where he soon collapsed and nearly succumbed to the virus before Eliza Danvers was able to extract a sample of the virus to create a cure.[7]


Mon-El is light-hearted, cheerful, carefree, laid-back and fun-loving. He hates being locked indoors and loves to party. Presumably like all Daxamites, Mon-El dislikes Kryptonians; due to their arrogant and self-righteous traits, although he later warms up to Kara.[1] Mon-El also possesses good morals, as he shows guilt and remorse for his actions.

Some people see Mon-El as a coward who runs away at the first sign of danger. However, in truth, he only avoids fights because he doesn't want to get involved unnecessarily, as well as the fact that he has no desire to become a hero.

After some word with Alex, however, Mon-El begins to warm up to the idea and also develops a romantic attraction to Kara.

Since Mon-El is new to the planet Earth, he is naïve to how things work on the planet, as well as expressions, holidays, jobs and dangers; when he attempted to have sex with Eve Teschmacher (before this was prevented by Kara) she asked him if he took protection, Mon-El took this as an expression for a weapon like a sword, unaware that it actually means a condom.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Daxamite physiology: Mon-El didn't used to have super powers on Daxam, due to the fact the planet's orbiting a red sun which negated their physiology. Like Kryptonians, it is possible for Daxamites to gain powers from a yellow or blue sun. Upon arriving to earth for a short amount of time it is unknown whether he will develop other powers.
    • Super speed: Mon-El is able to move, react and think at amazing speeds far exceeding that of a normal human.[4]
    • Super strength: Mon-El possesses an incredible amount of strength, as he was able to temporarily hold his own against Kara and easily choke her. Although Winn states, that his strength is not equally as high as Kara's.[4]
    • Invulnerability: Mon-El's body is impervious to disease and damage than a normal human's, as needles couldn't penetrate his skin; the full extent of his durability is currently unknown.[2]
    • Super leaping: Mon-El's incredibly strong legs have the ability to do incredibly high jumps in a single bound.
    • Electrosynthesis: Mon-El's cells harness and absorbed the electrical energy surrounding him, manipulating it to regenerate himself at a cellular level and even his own energy source when he was comatose.
    • Accelerated healing factor: Mon-El is able to heal much faster than a normal human; due to him absorbing energy.


  • Hand-to-hand combatant: As a former palace guard Mon-El is a capable hand-to-hand combatant.


  • Lead: Mon-El has a weakness to lead. If a lead bullet stayed in his system for too long, he will die from poisoning.



  • This marks the first live action appearance of Mon-El.
  • Lar Gand, also known as Mon-El (alternatively spelled as M'Onel) is a Daxamite superhero inspired by a young Superman. He frequently appears as a member of the superhero team from the 31st century, Legion of Super-Heroes. The character was created by Robert Bernstein and George Papp, first appearing in Superboy #89 (June 1961).


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