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Eliza Danvers

Eliza Danvers

FamilyJeremiah Danvers (husband)
Alex Danvers (daughter)
Kara Danvers (adoptive daughter)

AffiliationDanvers family



Portrayed byHelen Slater

Eliza Danvers is a bio-engineer and the mother of Alex Danvers.


Dr. Eliza Danvers was a brilliant scientist living with her husband Dr. Jeremiah Danvers in small town of Midvale. She, along with her husband, helped Superman understand his own abilities at one point in time. Together they had a daughter Alex Danvers.[1]

Taking in KaraEdit

When Superman discovered that his cousin Kara Zor-El had arrived on Earth, she and her husband took Kara into their home.[1]

Losing JeremiahEdit

Eliza asked Jeremiah to come in to keep her company while she wrote her dissertation. They later caught Kara and Alex sneaking back in, after the two went flying. Eliza, along with Jeremiah, lectured the girls on the danger of what they had done, with Eliza coming down particularly hard on Alex, as she was supposed to be Kara's big sister. They soon after sent the girls up to their room after hearing a knock on their door. Answering it, they were introduced to Hank Henshaw of the D.E.O. who wanted to study Kara, as Superman refused to cooperate with them. However, Jeremiah offered to work for the organization and provide it with all of his research instead. Jeremiah later died working for the organization, and she told Kara and Alex that he died in a plane crash.[2]

Visiting National CityEdit

Eliza later visited National City for Thanksgiving, blaming Alex for not stopping Kara from revealing her superpowers. At a Thanksgiving dinner, Eliza commented on Alex's wine consumption, and later became outraged when Alex revealed to her that she worked for the D.E.O.. After several blackouts caused by Livewire, Eliza had a heart-to-heart with Alex, revealing why she was so tough on her in comparison to the way she was with Kara. The next day before she left, Eliza told both Alex and Kara that she was proud of them, though she told Kara that there was room for improvement as Supergirl. She then revealed to them that Jeremiah had died working for the D.E.O. under Hank Henshaw, and not in a plane crash as they had been told.[2]


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • In the comics, Kara's adoptive mother is named Edna Danvers. She debuted in Action Comics #279 (August, 1961) and was created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney. In later incarnations her name was changed to Sylvia.
  • Eliza Danvers, an in-part original character specifically created for the show, was incorporated into the DC comic book universe, first appearing along with Supergirl in Superman/Wonder Woman #29 (July, 2016). Starting with Supergirl: Rebirth (October, 2016), she along with her husband, are introduced as agents of the D.E.O. and the adoptive parents of a teenage Kara Danvers.
  • Helen Slater starred as the title character in 1984's live-action film, Supergirl, and guest starred as Kal-El's mother Lara in the TV series, Smallville.


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