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Alex Danvers

Alex Danvers

Full nameAlexandra Danvers

FamilyJeremiah Danvers (father)
Eliza Danvers (mother)
Kara Danvers (adoptive sister)

AffiliationDanvers family

OccupationBio-engineer of the D.E.O.


Portrayed byChyler Leigh
Jordan Mazarati (young)

"And then I thought that it was just about you. I mean, how could I not like you? But, you know, deep down, I think I still wasn’t comfortable that this was my new normal. But it is my new normal. And I’m happy that it is. "
Alex to Maggie[src]

Alexandra "Alex" Danvers is a bio-engineer of the D.E.O. and the adoptive sister of Kara Danvers.


Arrival of KaraEdit

The star of her family, Alex was jealous when Kara arrived due to her abilities and was happy when Kara decided not to use her powers.[1] Alex acted as Kara's big sister, often comforting her when she was afraid or sad. One night, Kara took Alex flying, where the D.E.O. found out about her and forced Alex's father to work for them instead of taking Kara away. One year later, her father 'died' protecting a martian, from Hank Henshaw. When Alex was in Med School she had a boyfriend who wrote poems about fighting and they allegedly broke up because of it (Adventures of Supergirl "Chapter 9").

Working for the D.E.O.Edit

She was later hired by the D.E.O. because of her close connection to Kara. Alex had to go through a full year of training before being let out into the field.[2] She later had to attend a conference in Geneva. Alex's flight, Flight 237, was sabotaged by Vartox in an attempt to kill her, and other D.E.O. agents onboard. Though the plane was saved by Kara from crashing, she later berated her sister for doing so, angry that she had revealed herself, and couldn't take it back. When Kara was captured by the D.E.O. and taken back to their base, Alex's identity as a D.E.O. agent was revealed. Alex later rescued Kara, after she was defeated and almost killed by Vartox, later telling Kara that the only way that the Fort Rozz escapees could get back at Kara's mother was through her now. She later went to Kara's apartment, apologetically explaining herself, and encouraging Kara to be a hero, the two then went to the D.E.O. base, where they convinced Director Hank Henshaw to let Kara defeat Vartox.[1] A week later, Alex along with the rest of the D.E.O. tested the limits of Kara's abilities, firing missiles into the sky at her. Afterward, Alex debated with Kara over the necessity of the tests before Kara had to leave to stop a fire raging at National City Port. Days later, the D.E.O. investigated the theft and murder of the guard, with Alex calling Supergirl to assist in the investigation. Later at the D.E.O. base in the training room, Alex defeated Kara in a sparring match with the assistance of Kryptonite emitters in the room, in an attempt to prepare Kara for anything she might face. She later came to Kara's apartment and questioned her sister as to whether telling James and Winn her secret identity was a good idea, soon after apologizing to Kara, regretting how she handled things earlier. However, Alex was soon called by the D.E.O. who needed her back at the base, telling Kara that she'd call her. At the DEO, Alex along with Henshaw and Agent Hartmann came to the conclusion that the Hellgrammite was eating the DDT he had been stealing, as the government had been destroying remaining stockpiles, and his food source was shrinking. Later, the D.E.O. set a trap for the Hellgrammite with a truck carrying tanks of DDT, while Alex and Henshaw along with several other D.E.O. agents followed it in another vehicle. She was soon after abducted by the Hellgrammite and taken by to General Astra. At first mistaking Astra for Alura, Astra revealed her true identity to Alex. Alex was later found by Kara who had tracked her down with her super hearing. A fight between Kara and Astra ensued, with the Hellgrammite attacking Alex when she tried to contact the D.E.O. using her radio. She later defeated him by forcing the stinger he protruded from his hand into his heart. Later at the D.E.O. base, Alex was asked by Kara to train her, with Alex promising to make Kara better than herself. Alex then showed Kara a room that had been setup containing an Artificial Intelligence program of Alura that had been sent with her pod. Leaving Kara to talk to it, she thanked Henshaw for helping her set up the room.[2]

On Thanksgiving, she has a strained relationship with her mother because since Kara arrived, Eliza expected Alex to protect her, often leading to a fight when she didn't. Her mother told her how her father Jeremiah was forced to work for the D.E.O. by Hank Henshaw to protect Kara but was killed in action; never knowing how or why he died.

Alex had trouble working with Hank after this until she found out he is not Hank Henshaw, but a martian named J'onn J'onzz and that her father died protecting J'onn from Hank.


Alex is a courageous and independent character, who faces danger head on. She is caring, confident, and headstrong, with the same passion for bio-engineering as her parents. Alex had dedicated her life to protecting her sister, Kara, and rarely found time for herself since childhood.

In Season Two, after much soul searching and exploration, Alex finds the courage to come out as a lesbian to herself, then to her new girlfriend Maggie Sawyer, then Kara and finally her mother Eliza. Alex's interactions with Maggie show a more flustered, awkward, almost goofy personality, similar to that of Kara.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As an Agent of the D.E.O., Alex is an expert in unarmed combat. As required by the D.E.O., Alex spent an entire year in training before being let out into the field, which included spending twelve hours a day for five months in the D.E.O.'s training room.[2]
  • Expert markswoman: Due to her D.E.O. training, Alex is an expert with firearms, as shown when she was able to shoot at the Hellgrammite while in a moving vehicle.




Promotional imagesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit



  • Alex Danvers is the only main character so far, who doesn't originate from the DC comics, being created exclusively for the TV series.
  • In the DC comics, the Danvers did have a biological child, but that was a boy named Jan.
  • One of her famous past characters as, Lexie Grey on Grey's Anatomny was also another nickname for her part as "Alex"andra Caroline Grey.


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